Death and Resurrection by Rotating Blades

5coop7 D n R outside view.jpg

As part of COOP, Inc., I conceived and executed a multi-media solo exhibition, Death and Resurrection by Rotating Blades, with New York City based artist Jean Rim at Space Hamilton in Seoul, South Korea, which was curated by Ji Yoon Yang, in August of 2010. The show explored fan death, an erroneous belief held by Koreans. It is believed that an electric fan left on overnight in a closed room can cause death by suffocation or hypothermia. A special fan dance with our rotating fan blades was performed by a professional Buchaechum dancer at the opening.

7coop9 Fan Dance images.jpg

A live performance piece was performed by me and Jean Rim, where we slept in the closed gallery with multiple fans running as an experiment to either credit or discredit the theory of fan death. The public was invited to view this experiment through the large front window of the gallery. We survived.

11coop10 D n R artist performance.jpg

Fan God IV.JPG
Fan Death Goddess IV, Acrylic, Ink and Adhesive Vinyl on Paper, 72 x 47 cm, Katherine Hyunkyung Oh, 2010©

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