Term of Endearment

We are in the aftermath of the commercialization of Valentine’s Day but the mythology of Valentinius is fascinating nonetheless. I understand the cultural importance of our cherished holiday that causes husbands to run out to the store to buy flowers and a box of chocolates for their wives, and if she is lucky, a garland of diamonds to grace her body. The sentiment of these purchased expressions of love is sweet but part of the capitalistic machine. Please, do not get me wrong. I am all for supporting our local businesses, artisans and companies that we believe in but buyer beware.


Photo: Shannon Aston from his Field Notes

Earlier this year, I made the following piece, term of endearment, about my husband. He has been an avid surfer for over 26 years and is a marvelous swimmer, whom I think of as a pinniped.

The Korean word 여보, yeobo, means darling and is used between husbands and wives.

tumblr_o0smuvqOwh1r5w169o1_1280.jpgterm of endearment, Watercolor on Paper, 7.5 x 3.75 inch.,2016 © Katherine Hyunkyung Oh

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