email: okayohyeah [at] gmail [dot] com

1975 Born and raised in Maryland
Lives and works in Escondido, California

Co-Director, COOP, Inc., artist duo with NY Artist Jean Rim

1997 BFA, Parsons School of Design, Fine Arts, Painting Concentration, New York, NY

2010 Death and Resurrection by Rotating Blades (COOP, Inc.), Space Hamilton, Seoul, South Korea, curated by Ji Yoon Yang

2015 TELEPHONE: An International Arts Experiment, Satellite Collective, New York, NY
2013 Barterlines, Eloquence Itaewon Kamp, Seoul, South Korea
2011 x4, Gallery Golmok, Seoul, South Korea
2011 Before the Dawn of Language (COOP, Inc.), Gallery Golmok, Seoul, South Korea
2010 Power of Painting, SangSangMadang, Seoul, South Korea (catalogue)
2010 ArtSlant: Limited Edition Collection, Aqua Art Miami 2010, Miami, FL
2010 The Encyclopedia Show- Seoul: Series 1- Volume 1 – Bears (COOP, Inc.), Roofers, Seoul, South Korea
2010 Sound Cityscape4 (COOP, Inc.), Space Hamilton, Seoul, South Korea
2009 The Secret, Jazzy M.A.S., Seoul, South Korea
2009 Six from Four, N-Space, Seoul, South Korea
2008 Fruit of the Soul, Specialty Produce Warehouse, San Diego, CA
2006 Summer Salon, Gerald Peters Gallery, New York, NY, curated by Kate Werble
2005 The Art Show by Ten Women, Belmont, New York, NY

2013 Asia Hotel Art Fair, Art Bridge Contemporary, Hong Kong (catalogue)
2013 Worlds Apart Fair, Art Bridge Contemporary, Singapore, Singapore (catalogue)
2012 Doors Art Fair, Art Bridge Contemporary, Seoul, South Korea (catalogue)

Print, Radio, Online
Asia Hotel Art Fair HongKong 2013, Seoul: AHAF, 2013, 18-19.
Doors Art Fair 2012, Seoul: Art Communication Doors Co., Ltd., 2012, 28-29.
Singh, Abhilasha, “Meet Katherine Hyunkyung Oh – an artist from South Korea”, ArtSlant, January 1, 2011
Daniel Vorderstrasse: “Back to their Roots”, Groove Magazine, April 2011, 40.
Seogyo Nanjing 2010: Power of Painting, Seoul: KT&G Sangsangmadang Gallery, 2010, 112-113.
Jooch Nam, Culturescapes: This Korean Life with Julia Song, Radio Interview, Arirang, Seoul, South Korea, September 11, 2010.
“Can Fans Kill? Live Experiment Staged by Seoul Artists”, The Three Wise Monkeys, August 27, 2010
Matt Kelley, Seoul Report, Radio Interview, KBS World Radio, Seoul, South Korea, August 2010.
Seoul Art Collective, “Let Out the Artist in You”, 10 Magazine, March 2009
The Steve Hatherly Show, Radio Interview, TBS English FM, Seoul, South Korea, March 26, 2009.

2010 COOP, Inc.: ArtSlant, 6th 2010 Showcase Winner, Category: Installation (Death and Resurrection by Rotating Blades),


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